Äripäev Radio

The Äripäev radio and podcast app was designed to make the content more personalized and efficient for each listener.


About Äripäev radio

Äripäev is an Estonian business newspaper with the aim of making the business environment transparent and equitable for all. Äripäev’s radio is an extension of that same mission, with over 35 different radio shows ranging from topics like investing and laws to agriculture and healthcare. Thus Äripäev’s radio offers a truly unique content in the context of what Estonian media has to offer for business minded people.


Research and synthesis

Initial research was conducted to better understand the problems our users were having while using our current service. A large-scale questioner was made to get answers for both questions and to create a group of users that would be willing to have a longer interview session with us and to test our prototypes trough out the ideation and implementation stages until the launch.


• No real ways to filter or order the content effectively enough

• No indication on timeline what topic starts on what minute in each episode

• No notification when a new episode on a certain topic was launched

• Our desktop streaming platform Soundcloud lacks in certain features used in common podcast apps.

Ideation and implementation

After researching about the struggles of our listeners we arrived at the question of how might we offer the listener more value through out our existing and continuously expanding the library of podcasts? We decided to prototype a personalized app that would try to solve all of the questions and problems gathered.

radiosketch radiowire

MVP was cut out keeping all the features you would expect from a podcast app and a schedule was compiled of all the other extra features we can bring to the table in near future after the launch.

Future iterations: live streams of quests, polls about shows, linking related content from the newspaper to episodes, sharing only selected clips from shows.