Intelligent floor heating thermostat Themo

Themo is a thermostat that checks the electricity price when heating rooms. The design of the thermostat itself reflects the fluctuation of the prices in the two colors that are changing on the LED circle according to electricity prices.


About Themo

User environment was needed to control the autonomous thermostat. The main need was to control the room's temperature and to keep track of the savings. If the user is interested then the environment also enables to see all the other details that play a role in the rooms current temperature and the price of electricity at the moment.


Initial testing

As keeping the house or a room warm is not a task with a fixed end but rather a never ending job the inital testing period was rather long but very rewarding. Much data and knowledge were gatherd by the team and from a few selected test users turning the inital test period. From the findings, new features and UI elements were developed constantly to improve Themo and the SLS algorithms.


Crucial learnings

After a year-long test period, enough feedback was gathered to realize that a subtitle redesign and new features were required to better fit our product to the user's needs. The new design focuses on better usability features that were left aside in the first test launch due to the complicated nature of the algorithms themselves. It brings even more emphasis on the price and total savings. Plus It gives more power to the user trough manual, automatic and stand by settings for each device installed.

themo4 themo5